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NAUATECH (previously Techniya) launched in late 2014 as a virtual community (Slack Platform) as one of the first to implement this approach globally to open communication between the most prominent people with skills, experience, and businesses in the digital startup scene in Saudi Arabia. But the real beginning was in the middle of 2015 when private events were held in the city of Jeddah (Multaqa Techniya) to enhance communication and knowledge exchange between those with common interests in the digital sector.

After the positive feedback from the first three events, the fourth was in September 2015, titled (Demos Day); it was the first publicly announced event, followed by great vibes that led to the establishment of a series of events in various tech fields.

The activities of NAUATECH were (and still are) made by simple individual efforts and an entrepreneurial style with limited capabilities, which relies heavily on its establishment with minimum requirements and costs called (Unconference), where there were no equipment or financial and human resources, to mention, only the passion that pushed us to work on it, the trust we gained from the community, and the empowerment with which our success partners from public and private sectors feted to us.

NAUATECH stopped between 2018-2019, and stalled for two years after the pandemic in 2020. It returned in 2022, and the rename was changed from (Techniya) to (NAUATECH) in 2023. NAUATECH holds During these periods 45 events, empowerment by 78 sucsses partners, and trust of 148 participants, and support of 273 person.

NAUATECH is a registered trademark owned by Oufouq Al Tajrouba for Information Technology Est. in Saudi Arabia.

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About the Founder

Reda Banjar — Founder and Managing Director of NAUATECH. He has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the digital industry, community experiences, and tech activities.

For years, he has been keen to hold events and present initiatives that have a practical impact, which contributes to developing the entrepreneurial and tech community, bringing its parties closer together, and enhancing opportunities for sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences, and developing skills.

He’s also the Founder and Creative Director of Oufouq Experience, which provides consulting and digital services, and the former Events Manager at the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones.

Our values and culture

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